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The Love Note

LOVE NOTE 7/8 Time and money are two very precious commodities.  And, Project Big Love needs yours!  I once heard a sermon in which the preacher (I cannot remember who) stated, “Jesus needed a boat.”  Jesus asked Simon (also known as Peter) to borrow his boat and asked him to row away from the shore…


Project BIG Love 717 launches

Project Big Love was established in 2012 and they held a successful event in Franklin County in August of 2013. They were able to serve 2572 people in need. They will have another event in Franklin County in 2014 and we will have a similar event in South Central PA. Learn More at


Waynesboro couple wants to share Big Love at community outreach event

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — Shon Duty knows what it feels like to go back to school wearing last year’s tattered sneakers held together with a prayer and some Shoe Goo. “I grew up a kid in California in a poor family,” Duty said on Wednesday. “I can remember going back to school with shoes that were from last…

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